An Introductory Guide to Curing Stroke

An Introductory Guide to Curing Stroke

One of the most common questions asked immediately after stroke is whether or not stroke can be cured.

The short answer is yes, stroke can be cured. But that isn’t the best way of phrasing what’s actually going on – so we’d like to clarify.

We’ll talk about the real ‘cure’ and then explain how stroke recovery really works.

Whether you’re a survivor, caretaker, or family member, this article contains all the essential information you need to understand what’s going on after stroke.

What the ‘Cure’ Really Is

First, let’s cover a little background basics.

When a stroke cuts off the supply of blood to some parts of the brain, it kills brain cells. This affects your ability to complete the functions once controlled by the damaged area of the brain, resulting in stroke deficits.

Although dead brain cells cannot be revived, the brain can still heal itself and stroke deficits can be remedied!

How? Because the brain possesses the amazing ability to rewire itself so that healthy surrounding areas of the brain take over the functions of the damaged parts of the brain. This allows a survivor to regain lost abilities.

The rewiring takes place through the process of neuroplasticity – and it’s the single most important thing to know about after stroke.

Neuroplasticity is the cure to stroke.

Rewiring the Brain through Rehab

Neuroplasticity is made possible through consistent, repetitive practice.

Each time you repeat something (whether it’s a physical movement, thought pattern, or verbal statement), you strengthen the connections in your brain responsible for that thing.

In terms of movement, you need to perform rehab exercises repetitively and consistently, otherwise the brain won’t get the stimulation it needs to heal.

Repetitive movement is the key to successful rehab.

How Long Will All This Take?

Every stroke is different, and therefore every stroke recovery will also be different and take various amounts of time.

Some small strokes can be remedied within months, whereas some massive strokes can take a lifetime to fully recover from.

The length of your recovery depends on these factors:

  • The size and location of your stroke
  • Your adherence to a disciplined rehab regimen
  • A positive, encouraging mentality

You can’t control the first factor, but you have total control over the other two.

This means that you can achieve a faster recovery by being disciplined with your exercises and fostering a positive mindset.

What About Stroke Recovery Pills?

Alright, this is the tough part…

There is no stroke recovery pill that will make a survivor heal faster.

The only thing that speeds up stroke recovery is a diligent rehab regimen and strong faith.

Yes, you can supplement your diet with good vitamins that are proven to help boost stroke recovery, but there is no magic pill.

Stroke recovery is only possible through hard work.

How to Make Things Easier

Now, just because it’s all hard work doesn’t mean there can’t be any play.

In fact, play is an essential part of rehab. By participating in meaningful hobbies, you can reclaim your sense of ownership over your life while improving your abilities.

Also, if you really want to recover from stroke faster, then you’ll take on the responsibility of becoming your own stroke recovery expert. This means reading. Lots of reading.

To cover your bases, you could start with:

Those are our top recommended places to start – but you shouldn’t stop there.

Continue to research your options and read your favorite stroke recovery books and blogs.

There is a lot of knowledge for survivors to gain, and there is tons of hope for stroke survivors to recover. You can heal and get your life back. It’s absolutely possible!

And we hope this article made you feel confident in that.

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