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How to Reduce Hand Spasticity and Pain after Stroke

Hand spasticity and pain after stroke can be treated through a variety of methods. The trick is to know how to combine the right treatments …

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analysis of 10 natural remedies for spinal cord injury

10 Natural Remedies for Spinal Cord Injury That Are Worth Trying

Looking for natural remedies for spinal cord injury recovery? Sometimes conventional medicines just don’t work and you need to seek alternative treatments. Natural remedies for …

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understanding botox for stroke patients in recovery

Botox for Stroke Patients: Can It Reduce Spasticity Long-Term?

Botox for stroke patients offers a temporary solution to spasticity — but you can see long-term results if you seek treatment correctly. Most patients aren’t …

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how to fix cerebral palsy toe walking

Treatments for Cerebral Palsy Toe Walking You Need To Know

Wondering how to stop cerebral palsy toe walking? While toe walking is completely normal as children learn to walk, it should phase out by age …

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the best cognitive exercises for tbi patients

15 Helpful Cognitive Rehabilitation Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind

Cognitive exercises are a great way to improve and preserve cognitive function after TBI. In this article, we are going to cover some of the …

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traumatic brain injury in children is serious, but there is hope for recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: How to Help Your Child Recover

Without the right treatment, traumatic brain injury in children can lead to serious complications later in life. Since their brains are still growing, an injury can stop …

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paralyzed below the waist after spinal cord injury

Paralyzed Below the Waist After a Spinal Cord Injury?

Paralyzed below the waist after a spinal cord injury? This is a type of paralysis called paraplegia. Essentially, you only experience paralysis in your legs …

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cerebral palsy and epilepsy

Are Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy Related?

Cerebral palsy and epilepsy are separate conditions that don’t cause one another but often co-occur as a result of extensive damage to the brain. In …

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Everything you need to know about diffuse axonal injury recovery

Diffuse Axonal Injury Recovery: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Can you recover from a diffuse axonal injury? What does diffuse axonal injury recovery look like? Diffuse axonal injuries are one of the most severe types …

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benefits and contraindications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injury patients

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain Injury: What You Need To Know

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain injury seems to have many promising benefits. But what is oxygen therapy, and how does it work? That’s what we’re …

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