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afo brace for foot drop

The Hidden Danger of Using an AFO Brace for Foot Drop

As you’re searching for foot drop treatments, your physical therapist will likely recommend an ankle foot orthosis (AFO). There’s an upside and a downside to …

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how to treat synergistic movement after stroke

How to Overcome Synergistic Movement After Stroke (When One Movement Leads to Many)

When you move your arm, does your shoulder hike up? This is called a synergistic movement, and during the early stages of stroke recovery, it’s …

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can foot drop be cured without surgery? discover 3 alternative treatments

Can Foot Drop Be Cured without Surgery?

A common question is, can foot drop be cured without surgery? The short answer is yes. Surgery is a last-resort treatment for foot drop. Before resorting …

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Which Helps You Improve Movement After Stroke Faster: Repetition or Consistency?

Are you trying to improve movement after stroke? Want to see results as fast as possible? Here’s the formula: Repetition + Consistency = Recovery But which …

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can't recognize faces after stroke? it could be prosopagnosia

Can’t Recognize Faces After Stroke? You May Have Prosopagnosia

If you can’t recognize faces after stroke, you might suffer from an uncommon stroke side effect called prosopagnosia. Can’t Recognize Faces After Stroke? We’ve heard …

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MusicGlove Is Now Covered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Great news for veterans! MusicGlove is now covered for veterans to use by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service. This …

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stroke recovery is possible at any age and any stage post stroke

It’s True! Recovery Is Possible Even Decades after Stroke

If you’re a stroke survivor, you may have come across limiting statements such as, “you’ll never be able to keep recovering past the two year …

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Hand Therapy Ball Exercises for Stroke Patients

To increase strength and dexterity in your hands after stroke, hand therapy ball exercises are a great, affordable option. Although hand exercise balls are simple, …

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