How Long Does Stroke Recovery Take?

How Long Does Stroke Recovery Take?

So, how long does stroke recovery take?

We know that trying to find answers about the duration of stroke recovery is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. No one can provide a concrete answer because every stroke recovery is different. While that is absolutely true (bear with us on this one), there are certain patterns that we’d like to highlight in this article.

Recovery 1 Month Post-Stroke

One month after a stroke, your motor function will start to improve as you continue to participate in different therapies to treat the side effects of your stroke. One clinical study confirmed that that recovery is fastest in the first few weeks after stroke, but it also continues well beyond this phase – as you’ll see in the following sections.

Recovery 3 Months Post-Stroke

The first three months after stroke are when major strides in motor recovery occur (if you’ve been diligent about your rehab exercise). You can still see major improvements later down the line as the plateau effect is absolutely not a stop sign and recovery can happen whenever you put your mind to it. However, it is common for major gains to happen during the first 3 months after stroke.

Recovery 6 Months Post-Stroke

Six months post-stroke, patterns start to fade and stroke recovery become contingent upon your individual effort. However, we found one study that reported small but significant improvement can occur between the 3-6 month mark post-stroke for motor function and cognition. In other words, it’s been half a year since your stroke, and there’s still really good reason to keep going!

Recovery 1 Year Post-Stroke

At this point, patterns become almost nonexistent. One study confirmed that recovery beyond 6 months is detectable as motor recovery continues to improve and social participation increases (which can help with recovery). While regimens become hard to stick to at this point, there is still room for success!

Recovery 20 Years Post-Stroke

If you thought we made a typo, think again. We’re not talking about recovery 2 years post-stroke – we’re talking about two decades post-stroke. You see, as long as you’re putting effort into your rehabilitation, you’ll see results. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a 2 week break or a 20 year break – when you start working on your recovery, you will see results.

Some important things to read up on are:

Those articles explain the crux of why we’re so confident in your recovery.

How long has your recovery been progressing? Does it match up with these patterns we’ve found? Leave us a comment in the section below and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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  • tinagoni

    Hi I am 4 months post stroke, I can do everything even wash hair juppi except for running dancing:( and fastening bra and others I do not know about. Right side weakness, suffering from leg pain, my foot feels stranger as if walking on a bump, Will visit you soon.

  • Cate

    I am 6 weeks post right side stroke and I am so tired all the time. Today was a good day but I sleep for hours and wake up still feeling tired.

  • Haider Ali

    Hey my grandma had this attack 3 years back but instead of recovering she is getting worse and worse day by day.. any suggestions? We have consulted all the doctors we could hav but it was all useless can you please help?

    • Flint

      Hi Haider, sorry I didn’t see this sooner! What kind of rehabilitation is your grandmother participating in? Rehab exercise is crucial for recovery.