Recovering from a Stroke – 3 Foolproof Ways to Stay Motivated

Recovering from a Stroke – 3 Foolproof Ways to Stay Motivated

Recovering from a stroke requires 4 essential elements that we’re going to cover step by step. This stroke recovery series includes:

  1. Motivation – because without a driving force, you’ll get nowhere
  2. Education – building your knowledge before taking action
  3. Exercise – taking proper action so that you can fully recover
  4. Prevention – so that it doesn’t happen again

You’re reading the first element of this series: motivation. We hope it rocket fuels your recovery and provide a powerful launching pad for the other 3 elements.

Don’t Let Your Doctors Mind-Trick You

Doctors are notorious for inflicting the nocebo effect on you without even realizing it.

What is the nocebo effect? And why is it such a big deal?

The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. During the placebo effect, you hear about the good effect of something and just the simple act of believing in it makes it come true. For example, a sugar pill that cures your cold? You fooled me into it, so it worked!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the nocebo effect occurs when you hear about the negative effects of something (like the limitations of your recovery) and because you believe in them, they come true.

For example, your doctor told you that you’ll never be able to walk again? They just planted that seed in your mind.

Now it’s time to un-plant that seed. Reject what the nay-sayers think and prove them wrong. Use the power of purposeful, positive thinking to achieve the full recovery that you deserve.

Harness the Relentless Force of Kaizen to Achieve Success

Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement through small, consistent steps.

This philosophy might be the single best approach to your rehabilitation. We are often tempted to approach things full-throttle, trying to achieve the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

But that’s not the way rehabilitation works.

That’s how burnout works. So stop focusing on how far away your end goal is and start focusing on the one small thing you have to do today to reach success. And day after day you’ll see your efforts accumulate and recovery will come naturally.

And it will be easy too because you won’t be overwhelmed with how far you have to go. You won’t give up because of this daunting obstacle ahead. Instead, you’ll take it day by day and tackle this obstacle the smart way.

Build Your Happiness Factor

Happy people are more motivated than sad people.

That’s just the way it goes. Usually happy people are more ambitious and driven because they have positive thoughts and emotions to fuel them. Depressed individuals have to work that much harder to muster the courage to take right action.

This means that in order to excel in your recovery, you need to be happy. Here are 3 ways to improve your happiness factor:

Each of these options will help boost your happiness and propel you through each day with focused vision: to achieve a higher recovery.

The science of healing and happiness are closely interlaced, and you must master both.

Now that you have the happiness part handled, let’s move onto the healing part.

Up Next is Part 2: Education – Building Essential Knowledge