3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating on Rehab (Don’t Put Off Reading This Article)

3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating on Rehab (Don’t Put Off Reading This Article)

Let’s be honest – rehab can be one of the easiest things to put off. We procrastinate for many reasons – the biggest one being fear of failure.

Procrastination helps us avoid failure because we don’t even get started, which is rewarding at first. But the feeling is only temporary.

We cannot achieve our best recovery unless we get started on something – preferably today.

If you’re ready to give up procrastination and finally make progress in your rehabilitation, then read on!

5 Causes of Procrastination (That Have Nothing to Do with Time!)

Despite popular belief, we don’t procrastinate because we’re scarce on time. Although time is a factor, the following 5 causes of procrastination are far more debilitating.

1. We procrastinate because we want to do a really good job with the task at hand. We want to live up to our own expectations, and we fear that we may fall short. So we never get started in order to avoid that fear.

2. We often procrastinate on tasks that are boring and dull. This is particularly problematic for those who do not have enough fun in their lives already. So they procrastinate in order to avoid worsening their situation.

3. We are unsure of what success means. When we don’t know what qualifies a ‘good job,’ we’re afraid of doing the work because we don’t know if the effort will be wasted.

4. We’re perfectionists. Procrastinators believe that the only way to finish a project is to finish it perfectly, which its an unrealistically tall order. Therefore, the size of the task prevents us from even trying.

5. Our self-esteem is attached to how well we complete the task at hand, and procrastination helps protect our self-esteem. You can’t feel like you’ve failed if you never start, right?

As you can see, procrastination has very little to do with time and everything to do with your mindset, expectations, and need for perfection.

Now, how can we overcome these obstacles?

Cure 1: Override Your Workaholic Mindset

You may be surprised to learn that chronic procrastinators and workaholics share the same mindset. They both feel that they have a ton of unfinished work waiting for them and they don’t feel like there’s any time to rest and relax.

As a result, both procrastinators and workaholics push themselves too hard without breaks. And therein lies the solution: relaxation and play!

To break free from procrastination, you need to understand the importance of rest and play. Taking time to recharge your batteries is not wasted time. It will provide necessary energy to be productive again later.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, guilt-free fun is essential for breaking free from procrastination.

Cure 2: Redefine Your Goals & Break Tasks Down

The most difficult tasks to start are ones that are large and insurmountable. When the goals are vague and in the distant future, it can become hard to gain motivation to even start.

There needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel!

For example, “I want to achieve a full recovery” or “I want to regain movement in my hand” are both huge and desperately vague goals. And we may never get started because they’re simply intimidating.

To solve this problem, redefine your goals into smaller steps. Using our previous example, we can turn the goals into: “I want to balance on one foot for 15 seconds longer” or “I want to make a pinching movement with my affected hand.” These smaller and specific goals are much more tangible.

Then with your new goals in mind, chop your work down into small tasks that can be done in 30 minutes or less. For example, doing balance exercises for 25 minutes today, or playing one session of MusicGlove for 30 minutes today.

By focusing on the first small step instead of the giant leap ahead, you will be much more likely to get started!

Cure 3: Schedule Rehab Around Your Play!

Often, our workaholic mindset makes us feel like there’s too much work and not enough play. So we procrastinate in order to sneak some play in.

Only, procrastination isn’t fully enjoyable. All the fun that we have during procrastination is diluted by the afterthought of the work looming ahead.

But diluted fun is no fun at all! All your leisure should be 100% enjoyable.

So make a list of enjoyable things, like calling a close friend, getting lunch with that friend, or going to the movies.

Then, schedule these things into your day just like you schedule those 30 minute rehab sessions!

Knowing that you have fun to look forward to helps you relax and resent rehab far less.

Start Today

As you can see, procrastination isn’t caused by laziness.

It’s caused by a workaholic mindset coupled with unreasonably high expectations of yourself.

By breaking rehab down into small, manageable chunks and scheduling fun into your day like you do with work, you’ll be far more motivated to pursue rehab.

Try these tips out today and let us know how they work!