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How to Cure Stroke: A Complete Guide to Recovery

how to cure stroke

Can stroke be cured?

The short answer is yes, stroke can be cured. But it occurs in two stages:

We’ll talk about how to cure stroke during each stage in this article.

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How to Cure Stroke in the Hospital

how to cure stroke

A stroke is considered a “brain attack.”

It occurs when the blood supply in the brain is compromised by either a clogged artery (ischemic stroke) or burst artery (hemorrhagic stroke).

Cure for ischemic stroke:

An ischemic stroke is often cured through clot-busing drugs like tPA or aspirin.

Cure for hemorrhagic stroke:

Curing hemorrhagic stroke is more complicated. It often involves surgery to resolve bleeding in the brain.

Surgery after stroke is risky, but it’s often necessary to save a life!

Next we will discuss how to cure stroke side effects.

Curing the Side Effects of Stroke

can you cure stroke

Once the stroke has been resolved, stroke rehabilitation begins.

Rehabilitation focuses on curing the side effects of stroke caused by the brain damage.

Although dead brain cells cannot be recovered, the brain can still heal itself and stroke deficits can be cured!

But how?

Healing the Brain

stroke cure

The brain possesses the amazing ability to rewire itself. Healthy surrounding areas of the brain can take over the functions of the damaged parts.

This allows a stroke patient to regain lost abilities.

The rewiring takes place through the process of neuroplasticity – and it’s the single most important concept for curing stroke.

Neuroplasticity is the best cure for stroke.

How to Cure Stroke Side Effects

the effect of stroke is curable

Neuroplasticity is activated by massed practice.

Each time you repeat something, you strengthen the connections in your brain responsible for that skill.

For example, repeating stroke rehabilitation exercises helps rewire the brain and improve movement after stroke.

But massed practice doesn’t just apply to movement.

You can cure almost any stroke side effect through practice. Here are more examples:

Do you see the pattern here?

Repetitive practice is the key to curing stroke side effects.

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How Long Will Recovery Take?

how long does it take to cure stroke

Every stroke is different, and therefore every stroke recovery timeline will be different.

Some small strokes can be cured within months, whereas some massive strokes take years to cure the side effects.

The length of your recovery depends on these factors:

  • The size and location of your stroke
  • Your adherence to a disciplined rehab regimen
  • A positive, determined attitude

You can’t control the first factor, but you have total control over the other two.

This means that you can achieve a faster recovery from stroke by being disciplined with your exercises and fostering a positive mindset.

What About Stroke Recovery Pills?

curing stroke through rehabilitation

Alright, this is the tough part…

There is no pill that can cure the side effects of stroke.

Only a dedicated stroke rehabilitation regimen can cure the effects of stroke.

Yes, you can supplement your diet with good vitamins for stroke recovery, but there is no magic pill.

Stroke recovery is only possible through massed practice.

How to Make Recovery Easier

cure for stroke

Now, just because it’s all hard work doesn’t mean there can’t be any play.

In fact, play is an essential part of rehab. By participating in meaningful hobbies, you can reclaim your sense of ownership over your life while improving your abilities.

Also, if you really want to recover from stroke faster, then you can continue your stroke recovery research with these excellent guides:

Those are best guides to continue your research for curing stroke.

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