Left Side vs Right Side Stroke Recovery

Left Side vs Right Side Stroke Recovery

After stroke, your doctor or neurologist probably told you which part of your brain was damaged.

And if they didn’t – try contacting someone to figure it out because the location of your stroke has a significant impact on your recovery.

In this article, we will discuss the difference between left vs right side stroke recovery and how long it tends to take.

Then we will introduce other critical pieces of stroke education that we think you should know.

So, What’s the Difference?

Each part of the brain controls different functions.

Movement-wise, your left brain controls the right side of your body and your right brain controls your left side. Function-wise, your left brain controls logic and your right brain controls creativity. (Generally speaking, of course.)

Specifically, some of the tasks commonly associated with the right side of the brain are:

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Imagination
  • Facial recognition
  • Emotion
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Thinking in images

Other tasks associated with the left side of the brain are:

  • Logic
  • Analysis
  • Sequencing
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Critical thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Thinking in words

When a stroke damages part of the brain, it hinders your ability to perform whatever tasks that part of the brain used to control.

For example, someone with a left-side stroke may suffer from aphasia, the inability to understand or express language – a left brain task.

Someone with a right-side stroke may suffer from emotional lability, which includes involuntary outbursts of emotion – a right-brained task.

It’s important to understand which side of your brain was affected by stroke because it will help you identify why certain side effects are happening.

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How Long Will It Take?

Every stroke is different, therefore every stroke recovery is different. However, there are some general patterns that you should be aware of:

  • One month after stroke you will progress rapidly as your brain rapidly tries to heal itself after injury
  • Three months after stroke you will continue to progress at a quick pace
  • After 3 months, progress will slow down but it will not stop as long as you continue rehabilitation

After the first few months, things really start to vary from person to person. Those who had a massive stroke may continue to rehab for years. Those who had a minor stroke may rehab for only a few more dedicated months.

It all depends on the size and location of your stroke and how much unwavering dedication you have to rehab.

Better Questions to Ask

Perhaps you already knew these things. Perhaps you’re looking for more specific information about how long it takes to recover from your specific stroke.

While specific, detailed information about left- or right-brained stroke recoveries doesn’t exist (because one person’s left-brain stroke recovery will be very different from someone else’s), there are better questions that you can ask instead, like:

These questions will lead to far better answers that will help you take more positive action towards your recovery goals.

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  • Judith Monsini

    I just had a right sided brain stroke, after having two left sided brain strokes previously. Besides having some loss of balance issues, I’m having extreme loss of urination control with this right-sided stroke. Anyone have same?

    • Angela

      I did! I had a stroke on my right side when I was 41 – this was about 5 years ago. I actually wet my pants before the ambulance could get there and for weeks afterwards if I wasn’t right by a bathroom, I couldn’t make it. The neurologist said this was strange because where the stroke was shouldn’t be affecting my bladder – but it definitely did. I did kegal exercises and the doctor told me to use the restroom every hour for a week or two if I could – I don’t remember his logic behind that, but I did it and eventually things got back to normal.

      • Judith Monsini

        Thanks Angela, I just saw my neurologist and he said yes, it could affect my bladder. Said to see a urologist to determine if caused by stroke or the fact that I’ve had two children. I’m 70 yrs. old and had both children 46 yrs. ago. Obviously

  • Anthony Ravi

    I had stroke 5months , now I am unable to write , my right fist is not working properly , could you please tell me what to do?

  • Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam

    My Dad had a stroke 5 years ago. From then to now he isn’t able to move his left Side properly.
    is it possible to recover?
    if possible tell me about the treatment procedure.
    Thank You

  • Mir Alam

    My dad has right side paralysed From 2 years his right hand and leg are not working and he can’t speak anything. please if there any treatment for recovery please let me know.

  • Chantel Jessica

    My auntie had a stroke coming up to three months ago sadly she has lost the right hemisphere of her brain, her left side is paralysed.
    I want to know anything and everything from how I can help her to understanding what she’s up against, thank you.

  • Tamyra Keller

    Hello I just want to say “Thank You”I am a caregiver and an advocate for the group “Stroke Survivors: we are a volunteer group that People that have had Strokes come together in an unconditional Loving way posting their concerns and ask questions that have to do with Strokes I am the caregiver that I do a lot of posting for these people and I am looking for information that pertains to rightside vs. leftside paralysis Than k you for being here found your app through WebMD

    • Flint

      Hi Tamyra! Thank you so much for the comment! Your support group sounds amazing and I hope they find this information helpful 🙂

  • Azli Jamil

    On 30th. November last year I suffered from stroke and my life changed forever!
    Not for the better but it could have been worse.

    • Flint

      Hi Azli, I’m sorry to hear about what happened. It’s a great thing that you’re researching and reading about stroke recovery. It will help you take things into your own hands and achieve a higher recovery!

  • robert colwell

    Hi Azli I I suffered a stroke on 10 February 2016 witch left me very little movement on my left side but with lots of rehab and exercise I have got some back, my speech is almost back to normal and I am still getting bits of recovery every day my stroke team told me I would plateau after be that’s not the case just keep putting the work in and you will see results.its hard work and you will have good days and bad but you will get there .

  • robert colwell

    Hi Azli that was plateau after three months there are no plateaus as I said its almost two years and I am still getting better just keep going and all the very best.