Our Best Physical Therapy Treatment for Stroke Recovery at Home

Our Best Physical Therapy Treatment for Stroke Recovery at Home

The key to physical therapy treatment for stroke is to find something that activates neuroplasticity to the max.

In this article, you’ll learn why neuroplasticity is important for stroke recovery, and how our rehabilitation device, FitMi, can help you see results fast.

Let’s get started.

Improving Movement Starts with Healing the Brain

The goal of physical therapy treatment for stroke is to heal the brain and restore movement in the body.

Your brain already knows how to heal itself through the process of neuroplasticity, which is how your brain rewires itself and forms new connections.

After stroke, your can rewire the healthy parts of the brain to pick up the slack for the damage caused by stroke. This is how neuroplasticity will help you rebuild your skills.

But it does need your help to get going.

Repetition Helps Reconnect Mind to Muscle

In order to activate neuroplasticity, you need to practice something repetitively. Whatever you practice over and over is what your brain gets better at.

Each time you practice a movement, for example, you strengthen the new connections in your brain that control that movement through neuroplasticity.

The stronger those connections become, the better your movement will become. Physical therapy treatment for stroke is all about reconnecting your mind to your muscle.

The more repetition you perform, the better your brain will get at signaling your muscles to move.

The stronger this mind/muscle connection becomes, the more your movement will improve.

The Problem with Traditional Physical Therapy Treatments

The problem with traditional therapy treatments for stroke is that you typically perform 30-40 repetitions per session. That isn’t very much.

With this low level of repetition, your results will come very slowly because your brain isn’t getting enough stimulation to rewire itself quickly.

In order to improve movement after stroke fast, you need to be performing hundreds of repetitions – preferably within every therapy session!

We know that’s a lot of repetition, but it’s very doable with the right tools.

FitMi Encourages 12x More Repetition than Traditional Therapy

Our home therapy tool FitMi helps you improve movement fast because it motivates more than 12x more repetition than traditional therapy.

This intense repetition helps rewire your brain quickly so that you see results. Some of our patients have seen results in just 3 days! (We know it sounds crazy. You can read the reviews here.)

FitMi is also fun and interactive, which helps motivate you to actually do your therapy instead of procrastinating.

This unique combination of repetition and motivation is why you’ll see success.

How FitMi Gets You Moving

FitMi works by tracking your movement using two sensorized pucks.

You use the pucks to perform 40 full-body exercises and they track your movement. Each time you complete a rep, a satisfying ping sounds.

The device is like a game, and you try to beat your score each time.

Suitable for Post Stroke Paralysis

Best of all, FitMi is suitable for all levels of impairment after stroke. Even if you have post stroke paralysis, you can get started with FitMi.

You just need to give your paralyzed muscles some assistance and start with passive movement, which involves using your non-affected side to assist your affected side.

Although you aren’t doing the movement “on your own,” it still activates neuroplasticity and helps reconnect your mind to muscle.

With enough practice and repetition, you can introduce a little movement into your paralyzed muscles. And from there, you can eventually progress to active movement (“doing it on your own”).

Starting Your Physical Therapy Treatment

If you’re trying to improve movement after stroke, participate in physical therapy treatments that help you get your reps in.

Repetition helps activate neuroplasticity and rewire your brain. The more you rewire your brain, the better your movement becomes.

FitMi helps stroke patients see fast results because of the intense repetition that it motivates you to do.

If you’d like to learn more and read FitMi success stories, click here.