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7 Stroke Rehabilitation Techniques That Help Recover Mobility

different methods for motor recovery after stroke

If you want to improve mobility after stroke, it’s important to try a variety of stroke rehabilitation techniques.

Since every stroke is different, every patient will benefit from different forms of therapy.

Scan through the 7 stroke rehabilitation techniques below and experiment with the ones that most appeal to you.

Stroke Rehabilitation Techniques for Motor Recovery

Here’s a rundown of our top 7 stroke rehabilitation techniques that can help maximize motor recovery after stroke.

1. Therapeutic Rehabilitation Exercise

best stroke rehabilitation methods

Massed practice of stroke rehabilitation exercises is the single best way to improve movement, especially at home.

By completing high repetition of physical therapy exercises, you can rewire the brain through neuroplasticity.

Repetition is absolutely critical! It provides the stimulation your brain needs to form new neural connection.

2. Music Therapy

music therapy methods stroke rehabilitation

Yes, music can help boost mobility after stroke by stimulating the brain.

Music helps enrich the environment, which has been shown to enhance sensory, social, cognitive, and motor activity.

Music therapy for stroke patients helps stimulate multiple brain functions including motor function and attention.

This is one reason why music-based rehabilitation devices, like Flint Rehab’s MusicGlove, are effective.

3. Mirror Therapy

mirror therapy rehabilitation technique

Do you have a weak or paralyzed hand? Mirror therapy for stroke patients can help improve hand mobility by “tricking” the brain into believing that you’re moving your non-affected hand.

This stroke rehabilitation technique is so powerful that it often plays a central role in the most inspiring hand paralysis recovery stories.

4. Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

cimt stroke rehabilitation methods

Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is an aggressive stroke rehabilitation technique.

It involves restricting your ‘good’ side while forcing use of your affected side.

CIMT is a superior method for combating learned-nonuse, a condition that occurs when mobility impairments continue to worsen after stroke.

5. Robot-Assisted Rehab

best stroke recovery methods

You should try this stroke rehabilitation technique in the clinic because equipment costs thousands of dollars.

Essentially, robot-assisted therapy utilizes special machines that help patients complete their rehab exercises.

This helps patients complete more repetitions than they could on their own, which helps the brain recover faster.

6. Magnetic Brain Stimulation

stroke rehabilitation techniques for brain stimulation

During magnetic brain stimulation, wires are placed on the scalp and current stimulation is sent to the brain.

The stimulation helps excite the damaged parts of the brain and boost recovery. Both acute and chronic stroke patients can benefit from brain stimulation.

This stroke rehabilitation technique is rarely covered by insurance, though, so clinical trials are your best bet.

7. Dance Movement Therapy

best stroke recovery methods for mobility

Dance Movement Therapy uses unstructured, freeform movement to help patients deal with emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges.

It helps reduce anxiety and depression while improving motor skills. The focus isn’t placed on what type of dancing is used. Rather, Dance Movement Therapy is all about expressing your feelings through body movement.

See how a dance movement therapist helped someone recovering from brain injury:

“With another woman, we use water to find increased mobility. On land, gravity wins, the hemi-paresis and blindness keep her in an anatomical prison.

In the water her whole body is lighter… and she finds freedom and laughter as she swims, walks, jumps, and falls. In the water, the fear of falling is diminished… and for a few sweet minutes, she can let go…

Sometimes, her mood shifts, the hopelessness of being bound in a body that refuses to do what it used to, is temporarily suspended. This also triggers a release of grief, the waves of sadness for what once was, flow freely.

All responses seem beneficial – the shift in mood, which typically allows her to find motivation to engage in additional therapeutic activities, or the space to grieve and let go while being supported by myself and the water, she says ‘I feel like a person again, even for just a minute.’”

This shows just how powerful Dance Movement Therapy can be in stroke rehabilitation therapy.

Which Stroke Rehabilitation Technique Will You Choose?

These 7 stroke rehabilitation techniques are all proven to boost motor recovery after stroke.

Talk with your therapists and they can help you choose the best fit for you!

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