The Best Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home Is…

The Best Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients at Home Is…

The best physical therapy for stroke patients at home revolves around one thing…

This article will discuss that one thing and how to apply it to your recovery.

The Best Thing to Look for

The best physical therapy for stroke recovery revolves around repetition.

Since repetitive practice is the best method for stroke recovery, you should make it the focus of your rehabilitation program.

Repetition helps activate neuroplasticity and rewire the brain.

Whenever you start to practice something repetitively, you build and strengthen new neural pathways in your brain.

This is why rehab starts in the brain, not the body. So the more you practice movement, the better your brain will get at moving.

Now, let’s talk numbers.

How Much Repetition Are We Talking?

In the clinic, most stroke patients complete an average of 30-40 repetitions of upper extremity movements.

Honestly, that isn’t very much. While all movement is beneficial, more repetition is always better (when you can do it with good form).

It’s best to perform hundreds of repetitions per home therapy session.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Tools like FitMi home therapy make it very doable.

But before we dig into that, we need to hone in on what good form means.

Why Therapists Can’t Agree: High Repetition vs. Good Form

High repetition vs. good form is actually a heated debate among physical therapists.

Some therapists believe that it’s better to practice with perfect form or not at all. They worry that incorrect practice will lead to abnormal movement patterns.

Other therapists believe that all movement is therapeutic, and that not moving comes at a higher cost.

We’re with the therapists who believe that imperfect practice is better than no practice.

Here’s why:

When You Try Your Best, You Always Win

When you practice a movement incorrectly, you’re teaching your brain to move that way. So the other therapists make a good point.

However, as you continue to improve your movement, your form will improve as well.

And as long as you keep trying your best, studies have shown that you will continue to override movement patterns with new ones.

Imperfect practice is only bad when you neglect to keep trying your best. If you get stuck practicing with bad form, then you’ll end up with bad form.

But if you keep trying your best by striving for better and better form each time, your recovery will unfold beautifully.

Ron Recovered from Paralysis with Heavy Repetition

Ron is a stroke survivor who used our FitMi home therapy program to quickly recover from paralysis.

He recovered quickly because FitMi encourages hundreds — and sometimes thousands — of repetition per session, which helps rapidly rewire the brain.

Here’s his story:

“My husband suffered a stroke caused by a dissecting carotid artery in late May of this year. He lost 40% of his left hemisphere of his brain causing right side paralysis.

His speech was slightly impaired but thankfully Drs believe he is a rare left handed person with speech located in right hemisphere of his brain!

Ron was in ICU for a week, followed by a rehab hospital for five more weeks. He came home and has done out patient therapy three days a week since. 

About three weeks ago I ordered the FitMi and just this past week he moved his arm for the very first time!!!

He and I both think the repetitive movement of the arm has given his brain the signal that it’s there and ready to move!!!

He will continue with both the FitMi and his other therapies for as long as it takes to fully recover!!!” – Lisa Wilson (Ron Wilson’s wife)

The reason why Ron saw amazing results is because of 2 things:

  • He exercised with intense repetition during each FitMi home therapy session
  • He tried his best every single time

(So technically the best home therapy revolves around two things, not just one.)

The Best Home Therapy Program

So how do you know what’s best for you? The decision is easy.

The best physical therapy program for you is a repetitious one that encourages you to try your best every single time, like FitMi does.

This is the best formula for recovery we know.